Sunday, March 29, 2009

Power of Prayer

Nicole and I have been called to help in the Nursery. Some weekends she's got to work and I'm stuck without her Spirit and skills. Today she was able to attend and I was able to catch the magic on video.

Nursery feels like babysitting when I'm there alone, The kids show no respect and run wild. However, Nicole is somehow able to calm the storm a bring a quiet reverence to the room. These kids, who normally smear their own feces on the wall for a good time, are peaceful and pleasant.

Just watch, as Nicole begins her lesson with a prayer. If you concentrate, you can feel the strong Spirit and the serious respect shown for her and her teachings of the Gospel.

She is truly an artist.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winning the War

As many of you know, our backyard is popular as a pigeon hangout.
I've taken it upon myself to rid this neighborhood of these dirty little bastards. I've thought up a few designs that may possibly scare them away. These designs would also provide plenty of deep, satisfying belly laughs for myself, and possibly a couple of yucks for you. However, the contraptions seem to take up far more time than I should be devoting on a pigeon.

Although it is technically illegal to use a firearm within city limits. I see no real harm using darts.
Hopefully these fatherless creatures will learn not to play around here anymore.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Trip to Silver City, AHOY!

As some of you may know, Nicole is trying to be a doctor. She seems to be doing well, I think she looks fantastic in the white coat and the scrubs fit her nicely. So, she's basically there. On her latest attempt however, her owners asked her to travel 5 hours south of the quirk, to a magical little place we'll call Silver City. Her task entailed aiding the locals in big city medical politics, work in their clinic, and teach them to make fire.

While she was away, I (Dan) spent two weeks in Utah, pretending that I still have work. Once my fraudulent efforts were discovered, I gathered my things and fled. I pointed my not-so-trusty steed south, and headed back from whence I came. Upon my late-night arrival in Albuquerque, I was pleased to discover our belongings still locked in the garage and house. I made a thorough and slightly hopeful, trigger-happy sweep of our home for refugees before retiring for the night.

I was offered a flight on Silver City's "You very well may die on this flight" Airline. After checking in at a folding table desk, I tried to appear calm while lounging in one of the four chairs offered at the gate. I remained lounged, because I feared I would step on the pilot who had stretched out to have a nap on the floor next to me. This uniformed man arose from deep slumber at the annoying beeping from his calculator watch alarm. He wiped his eyes, smiled, then led three other passengers and myself out to his winged minivan bound for glory. The 50 minute thrill-ride ended upon landing on a patch of pavement located perfectly in the middle of nowhere.

Nicole arrived, I said goodbye to my new friend, the chihuahua (a.k.a. airport security) and we drove to "town". We struggled whether to dine at Nancy's or Diane's. From the name alone I think we all agree, they both make your mouth water equally! After a lengthy debate we settled on Diane's. I am glad we did. Turns out, Nancy is the town drunk.

Over the last few days of our visit, we explored the entire town of Silver City. They were the best spent 20 minutes of my life.

Scroll down to enjoy a small, photo tour.


This is the infamous "SILVER SKATE" where children's roller dreams are realized! Ever heard of Scott Hamilton?! Think about it. AND, every Friday night is 2 dollar (or a blanket trade) Adult night! Apparently Nancy entertains those lucky patrons over 30 with what I hear is very scandalous, yet surprisingly tasteful stage wiggle.

Here we have a view leading into the heart of the city. The city was built around the ancient wall art left by the Gila Indians, depicting their Lizard God long long ago. If you look hard you can still see it to the right of the lamp post.

Here's the thing, this picture is a lie. Nicole stole the camera and is trying to trick you. "Tell everyone I'm doing the last of 100 push ups!" She boasts. I don't like lies, so here's the truth; she's totally on a wall, she turned the camera sideways. I know for a fact she can barely do TEN push ups, let alone 100. Please.

The community built a large park out the wood salvaged when the schoolhouse was deemed pointless and torn down.

The city uses stolen and recovered cars as erosion control.

More erosion control


I don't this one is controlling one bit of erosion

You can't see it in this photos, but Nancy is topless and passed out on top of that cement block.
Nicole had me crop the photo, apparently it would'nt be appropriate to show you.

There you have it. A few of the many photos we use as exciting proof that Silver City exists.

We made our way back to Albuquerque the morning after we ogled Nancy's body under the overpass. We wiped sad but joyful tears from our eyes, as we waved goodbye to those who'd come to wish Nicole farewell. To show appreciation and proof they'd listened to her counsel, they held high their lecture notebooks and ink smeared hands. I saw in the rear view mirror however, the real testament to their newly enriched lives. I watched as every homeowner sat atop their stone wheels and warmed themselves with their first FIRE! Though I was quite a distance away, I too felt the warmth in my chest. Not from the fire, but from the knowledge that Nicole has truly blessed the lives of these once cold, and very deserving people.

Our journey home was not without excitement mind you. No, no... very much the opposite! We stopped numerous times to explore the mountain ranges and wonderment available to all. We will post those and more nail-biting adventures in blog posts in the near future.
Try not to pee your pants while dealing with the anticipation.

Good day to you

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This is your property on pretend American soil

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