Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallows Eve--what does that even mean?

So, this is what we spent our nightmare before Halloween
doing . . .

Dan made me carve pumpkins, eat dough-nut holes and
watch scary movies with him. He is such a party animal,
forcing me to get into the holiday spirit.

If you look closely you can see the scary face shining backwards
on to the door behind. How eery!

Dan has some great ideas about how to scare the neighbor
kids when they come trick or treating. After tomorrow night
we should have some fantastic pants-peeing stories to share.


Camille said...

My favorite was the "newspaper stuffed coveralls" dummy propped up on the door step (of our house in Roy)for the whole month of October. Then the night of Halloween, the newspaper was replaced by Dan, sitting on the doorstep in the same coveralls and in the same position. Once those kids came to the door to ask for candy, they ended up with some wet pants! Dan's such a kid magnet!

Brenda said...

Sweet pumpkins! Jeez, if I were to walk up to your door and you were the 'dummy' it would be me peeing my pants. ;) Taryn would probably just laugh and want you to scare her again - she has her Papa's sense of humor. ;)

Connie said...

Oh, how we love Halloween! Some people are just made to celebrate! Too bad Dan's mean mom wouldn't let him trick or treat after the age of 12. That gave him an opportunity to stay home and scare the neighbor kids. Gret pumpkins, by the way.


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