Saturday, February 21, 2009

He's here!

Yay! He is finally here . . . Jonah L. Finlinson, chubby little boy of Dylan and Darci. He is so cute, and he looks quite a bit like his papa. Though Dyl assures me that he has Darci's nose.

I had to put this picture of him with his Grandma Rita, its the only one I've seen with his eyes open. Apparently he just wants to sleep all the time. They are having a rough time even waking him up to eat. He's already acting like his Papa!

I am so excited to have another new nephew. And, its Dylan's first baby. It is so fun for him to be a new Papa. He'll be so great. I am sure that Darci is glad he's finally here. I've heard those last few weeks of pregnancy are not the most fun. I'm hoping one day I might get a picture of the whole little family together.

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