Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Adventure Continues!

Okay... where were we?... ah yes... the shrieking eels.

So, as we sped up the 180, I tried desperately to clear the images of the past Friday night from my thoughts. We had attended the Silver Skate Adult night. The lights were dim, and the pungeant odor of wet horse sunk deep into our clothing, never to come out. (and we used Bonami) For a few brief moments the cigarette smoke cleared. There on that rickety "stage" made of shipping pallets and beaver pelts was Silver City's legend... Nancy. We didn't stay long. But even now, weeks later as I sit and spin this tale, the horrifying vision of Nancy's wrinkled, wiggling body actually bruises my brain with every pelvic thrust.

Anyhow, lets focus.

As our first scenic stop, we decided to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings. For those of you who don't know about this fantastic place, here is a little background.
The monument is on a location of 553 acres. The cliff itself was created by volcanic activity. The cliff contains the ruins of interlinked cave dwellings built in five cliff alcoves by the Mogollon peoples. People of the Mongollon culture lived in these cliff dwellings from between 1275 and 1300 AD. (A long time ago) Archelogists have identified 46 rooms in the five caves, and believed they were occupied by 10 to 15 families. It is not known why the dwellings were abandoned, but due to the fact that no one remains there.... they believe they were.

The dwellings were a perfect place for human living and human dying. Two mummified bodies have been discovered as well as a nearby burial ground. Some travelers have reported witnessing Mongollon spirits still roaming the empty caves. The caves provided adequate shelter and gave the inhabitants the upper-hand during warfare due to the unusually high vantage point, while the wooded area concealed the homes. The nearby area also provided for growing and finding food such as wounded deer and wild dogs. The children found entertainment by making games and having contests to see who could throw a rock all the way to the ground.

This is a view from halfway up the trail.

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I discovered the panoramic feature on my camera and really gave it what-for. As we finally reached the trails end, and the explorations beginning... we stumbled across this first of the five caves. This was considered to be the kitchen. No kidding, the kitchen. Look it up!

Once inside the kitchen cave, I began to feel that old familiar hunger pang.
Yeah, get this. So I'm hungry right?... So, I tactfully yelled over to my wife, "Hey there, hey you.... lady-friend! .... How bout rustlin up ol' Dan a hot loaf of that Mongollon bread since you're not doing anything constructive?!"
So there I was, famished and freezing. I didn't have the strength to prepare my own meal. I was even ready to pitch in!, I'd found this really old knife carved from a dogs tail, and I already had two pats of butter I'd nabbed from a Dennys three days earlier!
Here you can clearly see Nicole ignoring and disobeying my innocent plea for help.

I made some whimpering noises, you know... to help her understand how hungry I was.
She walked closer to me, I saw the selfish anger in her eyes and I quickly noticed she was not carrying one smidgin of bread!

See that look?! It's amazing we're still married.

As I sucked on the butter for nourishment, we made our way to another cave. Once we entered I thought I heard a faint, and gurgled cell phone ring. "Nicole, did you hear that?" She ignored me as her attention was centered on some movement in a far corner of the cave. "What is that?!" She whispered with restrained excitement. "Look, LOOK!" I saw nothing.
I took a picture to later prove she's crazy. It IS a beautiful view with or without mysterious movement.

Upon further investigation when we made it home and printed the photos, I made of baffling discovery! We may have very well been the first visitors of the Gila Cliff Dwellings to capture on film, an original Mongollan spirit floating about his old stomping grounds.
I've taken the liberty of magnifying the photo for you.

Notice the traditional beadwork he still wears. I was especially amused by the ancient cell phone! I mean, look how BIG that thing is. That's how I knew he was the real deal.

This was taken in Cave 4. It is one great view. Go ahead, view it.

I was always a bit jealous of those "cool kids" who knew the tricks of the panoramic shot we took at the end of the school year. You know the ones, who when you looked close, were pictured on both ends of the photo?
Apparently Nicole has been patiently awaiting this day for her moment (moments) in the spotlight.
EVERYone want's to be the "cool kid".

So, I'm sure the majority of you have heard by now that we met Rod Stewart on our way back down the trail.
For those of you who haven't..... you're obviously not very loyal friends, and yes.. we met Rod Stewart.

He ran out from the bushes as I was taking photos of Nicole. Jumps out and poses right as Nicole is about to try a heel clicker off a stone step. Scared the livin daylights out of her! I was not pleased, not pleased at all Rod.

I mean, that's my wife punk!!! Don't mess with her! You know?
Plus, who wears a full white suit like that at ALL, not to mention in the forest!?

Yeah, he was a real prick.


Connie said...

First of all, where is your post about the garden?
Second of all and all the way to Tenth, You really know how to use photo-shop! Love Rod Stewart! Did he sing "Maggie May"? That's one of my favorite songs. That cell phone that the spirit from the past was using is really quite amazing. I'm sure he must have used it back in the day when cell phones were nothing more than a rock with a dial! Amazing!
The caves really are cool. Was Nicole reading a recipe book in the kitchen cave? And I love the games the kids played - dropping rocks to see if they can hit the ground. Let's get that game set up for the reunion!

Keep 'em coming! Love to read about your life in ALB

Rachy Maree said...

I love this post.

Aimee said...

ha ha, this is great. I love it when Dan blogs. And also, how come you didn't call & tell me you met Rod?! I would have loved an autograph or at least to see one of you with an autographed t-shirt or something!

Erin Ann said...

Dan you still make me laugh with your stories. I'll never forget the one about the bathroom at one of the family reunions... too bad we can't make it to this year's reunion. Save your stories for us, though.