Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little secret

I have something to confess, so brace yourselves . . . I am a closet christian rock fan.

Yes, its true. And my all-time favorite is My Savior My God. I first heard it when I was in Illinois for a month studying. I guess that's when I was really introduced to christian rock. There were about 30 of those channels on the radio and nothing else, well, some bad rap, but that's not music. So, that's what I listened to while driving around the little town of Champaign, Illinois. It was Christian Rock the whole way. On the trip back, when Dan flew out to visit me, we downloaded the song, so we could rock out all the way home. I thought it was fantastic, and Dan didn't seem to mind terribly. Then just the other day, I found out that the guy singing could give the Jonas brothers a run for their money in the heartthrob category.

But, lets be honest--that's not why I like the song. I like it because it is upbeat, fun to listen to and has a pretty great message.

It helps me understand why some christian groups incorporate these kind of tunes in their worship service. I can relate with those "holy rollers."

As it turns out, there are a few good stations here in New Mexico as well. Sometimes it is just what I need to hear. And it is always better than mexican circus music.


Connie said...

Anything is better than circus mexican music but this is really good. I like it too!

Camille said...

I didn't know that about you! :) Can't go wrong with a little acoustic music, regardless of the lyrics.
When Dave came home from his mission, he was singing a lot of Christian songs, "our God is a good God" - Something like that...

The Lovell's said...

Its okay. I am with you on the Christian Rock. I have not listened to it for a long time but I quite enjoy it. My favorite is 3rd Day. If you have not heard them you have to check them out. They have a great song about Peter and another one about the thief on the cross.