Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The End

It's finally here. The end of my residency in pediatrics. It is hard to believe. Some days I thought it would never end and now I can't believe its over. And what a bittersweet ending it is. I have learned so much about pediatrics, parenting, relationships, health, illness and death. I have shared joyous and difficult moments with many patients. I have made lifelong friends. My fellow residents and I have grown close--we've shared happiness and tragedy, both in the hospital and out. I've learned some lessons about myself as well. Dan and I have traveled a rough road, but we survived. Our marriage has been strengthened as a result.

The past three years were the most difficult and the most rewarding. Thanks to my family who loved and supported me the entire way. I couldn't have done it without all of you!

Thank you!


Connie said...

Nicole, you're an amazing woman! Such an accomplishment! Congratulations to both you and Dan. After meeting some of your friends and hearing some of their stories, it's obvious that a grueling residency can make or break a marriage. Happy that you both worked together to make it work.

You'll be an awesome pediatrician! Now...let's get you guys back home!

Camille said...

Nicole, you're awesome!! Congratulations! Can't wait until you're closer :)

*Brett and Lacey* said...

Yay! Way to Go! You are and always will be my hero! SO Excited that you are coming home!!!

Jill K said...

You are such a hard working little delicate ladybug. I can't wait for you guys to come live here!