Friday, November 5, 2010

Adventures in Mexico (New Mex) part I

These are from a little trip we took, back in June when we still lived in New Mexico. We went to the BIO-park to see some beautiful plants,
some crazy insects, like stick bugs and hissing cockroaches

gargantuan tarantulas.

While we were there we got lost in a maze.

A maze which took us to this crazy place, where everything was VERY LARGE

and we were very small

So, to make the best of a strange situation, we started gathering food for a picnic. This is when I asked Dan to put down the camera and help me with lunch. He refused, because he doesn't even like vegetables.

So, I kept working on the carrots alone. When suddenly we were attacked by ants! Thankfully Dan is quick as a cat, and brave as a lion. My fearless husband tried to save the picnic . . . and us. Without any weapons, he was forced to engage in hand-to-leg combat. He was greatly outnumbered, even when fighting one ant. You know, the 6 legs. He even tried some wrestling moves he remembered from high school and wrestling with Dave. When that didn't work he tried taming and herding them.

He subdued one or two, but they didn't herd well. It would take months to defeat the ants this way, one at a time. So he began scouring our surroundings, wishing for a giant magnifying glass and sunlight, when alas he stumbled upon this.

Luckily he is swift and amazingly strong. He was able to reach the faucet and turn it to high pressure just in time. He washed away all the black marauders and saved the day!

Suffice it to say, this was one more reason we were excited to get out of New Mexico.

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Connie said...

Ha! What an a-maze-ing picnic/story! I always knew Dan was awesome but this puts him in a whole new light! You too, you little story teller!