Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pants peeing

Remember when I wrote about all the kids who
would be soiling their britches on Halloween night
because of sheer terror? Did you notice that
I never actually posted any pants peeing stories?
Well, it's not because it never happened.

Let me 'splain . . .

I found this hunched back ghoul in the
garage shortly after carving pumpkins.

Pretty scary right? Right. So the crux of the
problem was really technical ineptitude. New
camera. Me. No time between tossing cough drops
in the bags of teen agers with face paint "trick or
treating" to school myself in video making. Don't
be disappointed in the the Halloween man. There were
some scares, screams and jumps. Just none captured
on film.

And once I figured out the camera, still no clog
footage. It turns out, that I must have a little Grandpa
Shields in me. It is impossible for me to hold the camera
still while taking a photo. Yep, Parkinsons, its starting
early these days.

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