Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big News I

No I am not pregnant. And I am not talking about the Clutch album. But I do have some big news. Several items actually, but its not all good.

1. Let's start with the good stuff. This Tuesday the 16th is our wedding anniversary. Pretty exciting. Not the day itself, but that we have survived as husband and wife for two whole years now. I know, all of you veterans of marriage are scoffing at my feeling of accomplishment. I know every marriage has its ups and downs. It just seems that we have had some real doozies. (Yes, that is a word, and it is spelled correctly). Dan has put up with quite a bit and he is an amazing, loving husband. He might even be hoping for another 2 years of wedded bliss . . . just not in the Kirk. (see #2 for a better understanding)

2. Damn mexicans. Dan's suburban was stolen (show truck, as I like to call it) . From our driveway. In the middle of the night. You know, the black one, with fire down the sides and scary faces on the back. Yep.

So, it actually happened one week ago today. I've been so pist, I couldn't write about it til now. I'm not even the one who spent weeks on the sanding and paint, then more sanding and paint in trade for the sweet wheels.

And ABQ law enforcement isn't all that helpful. Apparently 30 cars are stolen EVERY DAY in this town. Sweet. The cop who took the report said that the burb was probably already in Mexico by then, picking up 20 mexicans to bring to America. Even sweeter. Damn mexicans. (I can hear Grandma Shields saying it now).

3. Dan and I are signing up to be foster parents. Ok, so because of my work schedule it will be more like Dan is a single foster parent. Maybe. The process takes "4-9 months" so we may be moving out of NM before it ever happens. We have been thinking about it for a while, and after an especially bad night in the pediatric ICU last week, I made the call. I see far too many children in the hospital beaten and abused by their parents. We want to help care for the kids that are taken out of these horrible circumstances. Hopefully we can help. We'll see how it goes . . . in 4-9 months.


Aimee said...

The boots. Belong to me & Kevin. I figured since I haven't blogged about him yet I would just put up a picture of his boots. Cause they are almost as good looking as he is.

Brenda said...

Nic that is awesome that you guys are going to be foster parents!!! You both will be AMAZING!! Sorry to hear about the suburban!

Camille said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! With all the snow we've receive today, it's almost a remake of the actual wedding day! Hope you get to do something fun - we sure like you guys. :)